by Tylisha Haskins

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Goya Boy EP

this release is a collection of skillfully written records engineered for the purposes of enjoyment, information, and inspiration.
each song used (original) has been considered a staple in hip hop and or features a creator who is such.
carefully chosen; all of these records were inspiring to the creator and have been recreated out of homage, love, and for the showcase of skill

this perfectly concise project was crafted in many miscellaneous studios over the course of several months.
these are the recordings that were chosen.



released April 19, 1964

mom, addi, skunk, mark, nore, lil wayne, big pun, cam'ron, juelz santana, the heatmakers, the hitmen, mase, puffy, david bowie, new orleans, david johnson, anastasia, darth olympian, james artimus, plntzrozro, everyone on twitter and tumblr who helped with promo....weed


all rights reserved



Tylisha Haskins Largo, Maryland

Hailing from District Heights Maryland, outside of D.C., (via Georgia, via New Orleans, born in Brooklyn,) Tylisha Haskins’ music is as unique as his background. A rapper from the artist collective Dirty Suburban Kids, known for his inimitable flows over innovative and provocative beats. Tylisha serves as the founder and forerunner of the collective, bringing the best the suburbs has to offer. ... more

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Track Name: bad boy
Whatchu know about goya boy
Nose ring
Long hair
Curling like a barbell
Tryna live the life
Tryna find a loyal wife
Watching me get a life
Talk slick
Flick the knife
Princess cuts
Slit wrist looking plush
Fuck em up
Why you got ya chain tucked
You damn skippy
Im the motherfucking man
I done beat every boss
From ganondorf to eggman
tell me why you standing round
Acting bougie in the crowd
Staring niggas done
Vibing with ya hands down
see Im the reason they invented the leafly
Just so they could Google me
Everytime i spark trees
Haze and sour deez
Smoke rings on the beach
Sand at my feet
Shore on the creep
Trips to Acapulco
Next time to Rome
The freshest of vegetables
Switch coats
We got it moe
The only county that was destined to blow
Pulling up off the lots
In the candy painted drops
I shit you not
You couldn’t take my spot if i flop

They can’t comprehend
How we be on lsd
Sippin on lean
Till the homies look cg
On the weekend they see me
Out dc
You gotta show there
No one cares
they wanna see me
Unfortunate i stack these chips
I mean for me its sick
but for you…its a bitch
And that’s why i don’t get mad when they trip
Cause i know this tiffany im wearing cost a grip
So while you deep sigh
Ima sleep tight
Cuz i fuck with twins that look like Nina sky
At first it was the mane
Now the dude run shit
Dsk be the movement
Ill show you how goya do it
Gold jets and lasers
Hi tech weaponry
Suplexes in duplexes
Shit is perplexing
I know
Its like I’m in the future and shit
man I don’t even wanna talk if you still shop at the district

with me honestly
Ima honest dude
You keep it real with me
I keep it real with you
And i can’t sice
Ain’t always been nice
But now everytime i write
My shit is mad tight
And im still dirty and suburban
Like always
Too raunchy
And strange
Baby thats parkay
Yamahas and ducatis
Exhaust tips and vice grips
Auto pilot backwood rollers
We in a different dimension
so Take a second fore you pass out
Mask on mask off
Future miyagi cash route
Too posh for faux pas
No mas my gosh
I smoke la
Its ty ty
Double up
Let’s ride
Track Name: bandana
Multi multi colored fist
Three piece
Taste the rainbow bitch
I bet that she tap when i stroke her
Love when i choke her
Love how she accessorizes with them chokers
Hol up
Don’t get too high baby
You ain’t lucid
I can’t fade it
Them charges ain’t nothing to play with
This remind me of the 7th grade
Back when i had my hair braided
And them niggas was salty
So they picked on me
And all of the girls would never look my way
But im bout to go on date
Me and my blunt and the safe
I thought that yall wanted some more
I thought they wanted a war
But soon as i holla lets settle the score
They calling mission abort
I ain’t holding no grudges no more
But apologies will be ignored
You wan act like a rhino get gored
My bitch goin both ways like a spork
You know i stunt like its a sport
And my ring be red like the port

Lord lord
Please forgive em they dont know what they do
Lord lord
I already tried to tell em that i was you
Lord lord
But sure shit ofc they aint listen
They call it dropping music
I call it bullshittin

Im like aw shucks
Y'all done fucked up
Now im Facetiming with lady luck
Tattoo my name her butt
bout to run a muck Like im mark zuck
I want all of the toppings and the garlic crust
Austin powerd up
Groovy shit deluxe
Im like Yeah baby
she like yeah baby
Feeling wavy Shouts out to biggavel
They still lip singing
No top ramen
Tibetan sheets on the boat waitin
Then we ship em out to Copenhagen
Drama save it
Ima film maven
I ain’t for the passive shit and slick statements
Don’t chu try and play me
Ima man Damon
This remind me of them promos
Shawn Michaels
Papa Shango
And When jt went solo
Track Name: 4weezy
Goya boy mf
Got the heart of spitter
Suburban God In ya gazebo
Wilding out with the gremlins
Bout to call Tarantino up and get me a Oscar
Bitches taking care of me like my name was kakoshka
Tell my girl you take the money
I got flounders to frizzle
Put the griddle to his belly
Bet the bacon’ll sizzle
Rock the all red beanie just like Steve zissou
Silencer whisper like the Asian kid that said zoom zoom
1 2 3 percs down the hatch Fantastic
got Elf guts in my cup
The color of magic
Fell asleep at the wheel
Woke up in the trenches
With my ammo round my chest
And an army of henchman
Resurrected from the earth
Beyond the dirt and syringes
Pull up on my new plug
Like whatcha got
How much is it
Never understood why they flip I’m tripping
but bruh
I was off them tabs and had that bitch in her feelings
Them Bitches tryna fuck me
But I don’t let them hoes fuck me
Cause we always got two different ideas of getting lucky
Young got the mutes talking
Paraplegics walking
And nigga I ain’t Jewish
But I’m smoking like I’m Ballin
I just bought a sheet
and ain’t none of yall pitch in
So ain’t none of yall trippin
Fuck I’m tired of being friendly
i’m the illest
I’m the God
So fuck with me
got Niggas reading the quran
Just tryna get in touch with me
Am crazy for getting high
Or is this high getting crazy
I been alone and been stoned Before Cudi was ragin
Cocaine cowboy Smoke like aces
My dick hanging out And yo wife say she wan taste it
The hood that I come from
Really ain’t hood though
DSK hoe Muhfucker dis largo
The diamonds I’ve acquired now belong in an art show
And my bezel easily could turn the summer to Fargo
Fuck turnt up
I’m zangief in the red
But it’s cool I went metal
German suplex special
Copy me,
They don’t make me in stencils
You gon need a couple protractors rulers and pencils
new pair of frames
Maybe get a new table
Paperweights for the corners
to Keep the four legs stable
And even after all of that
The angles won’t be straight
She nose dived in the plate
And can’t feel her face
They know who tf I am
And wtf I be on
Which is OK
Just don’t hmu for tabs when I’m on
and In the game
Im steve Austin
Ken masters
shawn michaels
Quan chi
and Liu Kang
Abe from odd world
and max Payne
In the jetta looking warn as sweater
Flying down Harry s
To come and smoke with my niggas
And when my bitch left
I got lil bit flustered
But I just let it go like it burned when I touched it
Ty Ty
Track Name: banned 4rm sc
ayo its tylisha haskins
Mr red magic
Ridin in the Saturn
Doin what you imagine
Gripping on the cannon
Aiming at the titans
Open up ya eyes
You might miss the lightening
I make this shit exciting
Call a nigga
Call a hoe
Relaxing in mansion
Rolling up and watching blow
used to rock straight backs
And watch samurai Jack
But now its like i sport a cane monocle and top hat
Nuts off the screw juice
crawling up the wall again
Reciting quotes from snatch monologing for the mannequins
got at em at stand still
About to drop the anvil
5 time 5 time 5 time 5 time
5 time World heavyweight fuckin champion
scissor kick
Bitch its Vader time
If you plan on takin mine
We can have some face time
The mac’ll take a bite up out cha apple
Fry ya hard drive
When the smoke subsides
Ill be higher than bitch
Off the combination Of promethazine and cannabis
My teacher named obranivich
Used to give me gold stars
Now i smoke enough to eat a couple And a quasar
I don’t need radars
I know where im going bitch
Straight to the Grammys with the fam
Off the opiates
Would you believe they all used to call me Stanley ipkiss
But Now i got the mask on
Come give the green man a kiss
Eat a bomb
save the girl
skate in a banana suit
Take her home
smash the box
like im crash banditcoot
Shouts out to murder mook,
and Reed dollaz too
Amphetamines and morphine laced inside Haikus
Me and you is like a zapdos against raichu
I don’t have to fight you
my gengar’ll bite chu
Im something like a bible
but nothing like a bible
My lyrics are insightful
You talk of what you might do
moonwalk like Micheal
But lean like the Eiffel
Fuck like the dude
But eat pussy like a dyke do
You ain’t got sauce
You ain’t even learn to make the rue
I keep my mind on the paper
Always been the rule
and Im a fox
Im sexy as a bitch
I keep my curls tight
I get my dick gripped
Im ty ty
You nobody knows
I great taste
I wear cool clothes
She say she wan fuck
So i was like cool
And then we did the nasty Like licorice soup
Im in a 4 door
Cause i don’t like coupes
I pack a boomstick
Im sweeping up troops
Setting up the tripod For the new shoot
Dad cap Wide frames And the chair too
That’s who i be to you
Mr director Selector
could you play my shit
Or ill be sliding thru ya chimney like ol saint Nick
Bitch i po it by the 8 and i drank not sip
Unleash the kraken In the booth
and i sink yo ship
Tylisha haskins
Wait till i drop my new shit

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